Float away on Grammar’s great new single, “Michigan”

Kristin Breiseth

Seeing as the author of this post was born and raised in Michigan, any artist that references the state in some way or form has a special place in his heart (shoutout Detroit native Sufjan Stevens forever for writing a whole album about the place). Somerville band Grammar does great service to the Great Lakes State with their excellent new single, “Michigan.”

The track is about as smooth as you can get, dreamily floating across a foundation of finger snaps. Barrie Lindsay’s vocals, soft and enchanting, add to the relaxed nature of the song. The hook in particular emphasizes the band’s strength of creating a rich and complex musical movement that you’ll want to put on repeat while you zone out.

You can listen to the new track, “Michigan,” below (via Stereogum). Grammar hasn’t released an album yet, but we’re extremely eager for the day to come when they do.