Love to dance and celebrate the arrival of a new year, but hate the idea of freezing amongst the crowd of millions that gather in New York City every December to watch a ball drop that they could enjoy much better from the comfort of their own home? Forget the coasts this New Year’s Eve and turn your focus instead to the state of Colorado because there is no event more exciting or fun than Decadence.

The talk of the EDM world for years at this point, Decadence is the largest NYE celebration in North America, bringing together more than a dozen of the biggest acts in electronic music and tens of thousands of music fans for two nights of celebration that are second to none. The upcoming 2016 installment is perhaps the biggest ever, with performances from recent Billboard chart-topping acts like the Chainsmokers, Marshmello, and more, but there are still a lot of great underground acts to see as well.

We are planning to drive across the country for Decadence next weekend, and we want to encourage all of you to do the same. If you need further convincing, just listen to these five must-see acts that will all be performing under one roof in less than 10 days’ time:

The Chainsmokers

No one had a bigger year in pop music than the Chainsmokers, but their rise to success is not something that happened overnight. Fans of the Chainsmokers know the duo has been churning out infectious dance music for years, but the group definitely hit a new high with the release of their Halsey-assisted single, “Closer,” in the fall of 2016. It’s the only dance song that name checks blink-182, but if you still don’t know what we’re talking about watch the video above and experience the magic of the Chainsmokers for yourself.


Who is Marshmello and why do they always have such an infectious smile on their face? The answers are “no one really knows” and “because it’s painted on,” but still—you owe it to yourself to experience Marshmello. Every great EDM act creates a vibe, or wave, or sound entirely their own that is then reinvented, tweaked, and otherwise reworked over and over again while crowds around the world go wild. Few acts working the EDM circuit today have defined their brand as well as Marshmello has, and even less are creating music as good as the stuff Marshmello releases for free online. 2017 will probably be even bigger for this act, so catching their last performance in 2016 should be considered an absolute must.


Who says EDM cannot be funky? Griz has been pumping a hearty dose of soul and funk throwbacks into the current electronic marketplace for years, and through these efforts he has developed a fervent following whose knowledge of classic music is surprisingly deep. Where some artists sample classic tracks in order to further bolster their own original ideas, Griz chooses instead to build onto what the greats who came before him were already able to accomplish. He doesn’t remix what already works, but rather takes what already works and tries to further explore its possibilities. The results are absolutely astounding—so much so, in fact, that attempting to stand still while Griz is on stage has been scientifically proven to be impossible.


We spent a lot of time trying to find the right way to describe the slime-oozing electronic music Snails produces, but words generally fail us. Listening to Snails is the audio equivalent to washing down an eighth of magic mushrooms by chugging two Red Bull tallboys while riding horseback through a sea of multicolored trees designed by Tim Burton. It’s a dirty, grimy experience that feels just as good for your soul as it is emotionally disruptive, and as the music goes on the world of sound being produced drowns out any and all worries you may have for the world around you.

Adventure Club

Leave it to Canada to provide us with one of the best EDM albums of 2016. Adventure Club have been all over the world in the last 12 months, and now they are capping off what may very well be their most successful year with a performance at Decadence alongside their genre peers. Adventure Club’s set could very well be our most anticipated of the entire weekend, and we believe only a complete idiot would skip it. You’re reading this now, so I must assume you are not an idiot. Buy tickets. See this show.