Stream Clint Mansell’s ‘San Junipero’ (‘Black Mirror’) score, out now

San Junipero

Sound was a key element in propelling Black Mirror‘s season 3 episode ‘San Junipero’ to its status as an ongoing internet sensation, most evident in the title of Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” becoming the de facto slogan for the episode.

Carlisle’s track and other ’80s hits were the most instantly recognizable sounds of the episode, but also notable was the score by veteran film composer Clint Mansell (Requiem For A Dream, The Fountain, Black Swan).

Mansell’s score—gentle, yearning, and full of hope—paired magnificently with the more boisterous ’80s pop in the episode, underscoring key emotional moments. With the overwhelming fanfare the episode received, it seems quite natural that its score is now receiving a vinyl and digital release from Lakeshore Records.

Between Charlie Brooker’s Spotify playlist of the retro hits and the now-available score by Mansell, every bit of music is available for streaming. You could even mix-and-match the playlist and score to place them in the order of appearance on the episode, though I’m confident the internet has already provided this service.

Mansell is a distinguished veteran of soundtrack work, including work on multiple Darren Aronofsky and Park Chan-wook films, as well as this year’s High-Rise and next year’s Ghost In The Shell.

Other notable scores released by Lakeshore include MoonlightStranger Things, Drive, and Mr. Robot.