‘The Asheville Symphony Sessions’ are a beautiful work of collaborative art

asheville symphony

North Carolina’s Asheville Symphony released The Asheville Symphony Sessions last spring—a collection of collaborative tracks that span several genres and celebrate the diversity of music found in western North Carolina. Rounded out by eight tracks of beautifully crafted music, the talent and passion behind this project is on full display in any given moment of its runtime.

“This album serves as a soundtrack for the city,” says ASO Executive Director David Whitehill. “The Asheville Symphony champions great music, and we’re very fortunate that there is great music being made here. Not many communities of this size have the kind of resources—including the symphony musicians, recording engineers, producers, publicists, arrangers, session musicians and recording studios—that we have in Asheville.”

“This album is life-sized art, produced here in our community. After 32 years of making records in New York and Los Angeles, this is one of the coolest projects I have worked on,” says producer Michael Selverne. “Working together, I believe that we have created an incredibly musical record that reflects the spirit and the soul of our community.”

You can stream The Asheville Symphony Sessions in their entirety below, where you’ll also find the music video for the effort’s third track, “Don’t Freak Out.” The album can be purchased through iTunes.