‘Wonder Woman’ is here to win World War I in new trailer


Of all the cool trailers and news to come out of San Diego Comic-Con this summer, the Wonder Woman trailer was pretty high on our list. The trailer mixed some good action with more levity that DC’s movies are desperately in need of. Today the second trailer was released, and we’re happy to say that Wonder Woman looks like it could be the best DC movie yet.

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We see much more of how Diana (Gal Gadot) ends up in our world, as World War I rudely arrives in Themyscira, the island where the Amazons live. Hopefully the movie spends a fair amount of time there, as both the landscape and what we see of the Amazonian artifacts and architecture looks stunning. Seeing the devastation that war can bring causes Diana to enter into the global conflict. Danny Huston is on hand playing one of the primary villains, a military general with some nasty experiments going on (sort of like his character from X-Men Origins). There’s of course witty banter between Diana and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), and Lucy Davis as Etta Candy provides some comedy gold to the trailer. Director Patty Jenkins’ influence can be seen in the whole trailer, as the footage looks absolutely gorgeous. The scene of Diana casually deflecting bullets with her wrist guards will make you want to stand up and cheer.

We’re extremely excited for when Wonder Woman arrives on June 2, 2017. After watching the latest trailer, we think you’ll be right there with us.