[Photo cred: Lauren Mazzotta]

Vermont-based indie singer-songwriter Tyler Daniel Bean is poised to release a brand new EP this Friday, November 18 that is certain to absolutely wreck you. Channeling thoughts on love, loss, suicide, anxiety, fear, depression, and virtually every real-life emotion, experience, and phenomenon in between, On Days Soon To Pass is Bean spilling his guts onto tape, allowing the listener to relate to his vulnerability, his humanity. It’s devastating while managing to be beautiful in a way that’s not easily achievable without putting it all on the line.

“Catharsis, for me, isn’t achieved through the process of writing and recording. Instead, it comes from releasing ‘those inside thoughts we don’t talk about’ into the world—letting them find a home of their own. These songs are about being brave, and about learning to live alongside what causes friction. Releasing them makes them real and gives them meaning.”

There’s a war here that’s clear in every visceral line delivered, in every somber note, but hopefully this release is symbolic and represents Tyler Daniel Bean winning every single battle that matters. This is one of the best albums of the year, and through tears, we’re honored to share it with you today. Experience On Days Soon To Pass in its entirety below.

Pre-orders for On Days Soon To Pass are available through both Skeletal Lightning and Tor Johnson Records in various formats and bundles. Pick up a copy and cherish it.

Upcoming Shows:
December 3rd @ 242 Main (Final 242 Show) in Burlington, VT
December 17th @ The Monkey House (10 year anniversary) in Winooski, VT