[Photo cred: Dave McMahon]

San Francisco indie/pop rock band the Y Axes will release a brand new full-length effort, titled Umbra, tomorrow, November 26. Luckily for you and your ears, we have a full stream below for you to kick your post-holiday weekend off with.

Umbra, for me, feels like a snapshot of the last few years, filled with internal struggles and a solidifying of a personal identity,” explains lead vocalist Alexi Rose Belchere of her band’s new album. “Having survived the recession, as well as the ever-fluctuating tech boom [and] the supposed death of the San Francisco music scene, the Y Axes felt like the last band standing. Doubting your purpose in a world that feels like it’s pushing you out, and finding your sense of community in such a desperate situation inspired songs that are about holding yourself up—pulling yourself out of darkness.”

Umbra is loaded with wall-of-sound indie rock that rivals the best in the genre with ease. With layers of futuristic synth, danceable hooks, addictive melodies, plenty of imaginative songwriting, and a bevy of other qualities we could hold you up with by listing, Umbra is truly deserving of any attention it receives and much, much more. Give it your time below. You won’t regret it. If you enjoy it as much as we suspect you will, you can order a digital copy through Bandcamp or pick up a CD at one of their shows.

This Saturday, November 26, the Y Axes will celebrate the release of Umbra with a show at Make-Out Room in San Francisco where they’ll be joined by Unlikely Heros. The band also has some fun planned for before and after the show so if you plan to attend, show up early and stay late. More details for the event are available here.