We’ve been keeping tabs on Salem, Massachusetts band Shiver. for a couple of years now, bearing witness to their rise as a genre force to be reckoned with from their first impressive rumblings that we knew deserved more ears.

Today, we have the privilege of sharing the band’s newest single, titled “Mood,” a steadily affecting indie-emo trip down memory lane that evokes some of the strongest elements of bands like Tigers Jaw, Brand New, and Balance And Composure. That might come off as hyperbolic to some, sure, but give it a listen and see if you disagree (it’s OK if you do, but you won’t convince us otherwise). The song, much like Shiver.’s other single from earlier this year, will be featured on the band’s upcoming LP, titled Evergreen, which will be released on December 6 through Counter Intuitive Records and Honest Face Records.

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“I wrote ‘Mood’ while at my parents’ house, the home I grew up in,” recalls vocalist/guitarist Chris Babbit. “It captures the feelings I felt during that return, and the feelings I had felt growing up. Evergreen is an album about just that: Growing up, loving, losing, and holding on to the things that are permanent.”

Listen to “Mood” below and snag a pre-order of Evergreen while you still have the opportunity. It’s a late entry but there’s a good chance you might find yourself having to clear a spot on your top 10 list for 2016.