[Photo cred: Sam Lesser]

Long Island pop band Shiffley have a huge new single to share with the world, and they’ve teamed with Substream to do so. “Sleepless Night” is a synth-driven monster that will have you dancing and singing along immediately upon hitting play. It’s a massive, wall-of-sound offering with a driving rhythm and easily digestible lyrics that will resonate in your mind for days. Give it a listen or ten below and see what the band has to say about the single:

“’Sleepless Night’ is a story about a robot who falls so deeply in love with a human that it is willing to take on the full emotional spectrum to be with her. Once we had the narrative for the song it sort of wrote itself. Though it is about a robot, to us this song represents feeling in its purest form. Unlike other songs of ours, this one is lyrically straightforward in its intentions. Instrumentally this single was birthed in the studio and is very much so a collaboration with our producer, Will Rosati. It is adventurous for us in that most of the percussion heavily drives the synths. ‘Sleepless Night’ has informed the musical direction of the album and has changed our perception of what a Shiffley song can be.”

“Sleepless Night” is available to purchase through iTunes and can also be streamed on Spotify.