This Friday, Toronto trio Selfoss will be releasing a four-track EP, titled Time And Time Again, and today we have the privilege of streaming the effort in its entirety for you to enjoy a bit early.

Selfoss conjure up a slow-driving, rainy day pop vibe in the vein of the Radio Dept. with hints of elements akin to I Monster and Real Estate thrown in that all makes for a surprisingly dynamic delivery despite its inherently dreary nature. You can stream the EP in full below, where you’ll also find some insight to each of the four tracks from the band.

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“After recording the one-off single, ‘Aurelia,’ we always wanted to release a full-length EP,” the band says. “[We] started preparing for ‘Time And Time Again’ during the early months of 2016. Initially, we had planned to record alomost a full-length album, but we decided to focus on quality rather than quantity. The tunes that made the cut are a collection of songs that have gone through major changes from the moment they were first played by the band. Each song is carefully crafted while paying extra attention to the lyrics and their connection to the sound,” they continue. “In the end, ‘Time And Time Again’ almost feels like a record that is telling a modern day tale of boredom and loneliness which is slowly transformed into a strong will to live and eternal happiness.”

  • “The Same” portrays a dark and distorted view of the world, where despite all the pleasures of life, “everything is grey, everything is the same.” It is definitely the darkest song on the record, although the instrumentals somewhat brighten the mood.

  • “Waste Of Time” is a continuation of these thoughts. The instrumentals again provide a heavy synth-driven background to the idea of self-doubt. The song touches on questioning our decisions and wondering if they are a waste of time.

  • “Afterglow” is the most upbeat song on the record. The mood changes considerably both lyrically and musically. Unlike the first two songs, “Afterglow” sheds glimpses of hope on someone’s shattered image of reality. Signs of confidence and self-realization emerge alongside jangly guitar riffs and an almost Euro dance/synth outro.

  • As the final track of the EP, “Sniper” is a song about love, happiness, and contemptment. After being through the ups and downs of everyday life, one finally decides enough is enough, puts on their favourite threads and heads out to live life without being held back by negative thoughts. “Sniper” is a song about realizing what’s important about one’s life and going out to get it. Ending the record with this song also completes a cycle that eventually has a happy ending.”
    Upcoming shows:
    Nov 11 – Cavern Bar, Toronto
    Nov 26, The Orb, Toronto
    Dec 30, Mustache Club, Oshawa
    Jan 12, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto