Born from past identity crises and a lost sense of self, RVRB—the brainchild of Dallas native Cameron Mitchell—is a form of therapy, a renewal of sorts. Mitchell, who a few years back found himself lost amid an unfulfilling Los Angeles lifestyle, decided to uproot to Nashville and start fresh. RVRB became an outlet that he could filter life’s negatives through into something that slowly but surely began to make him happy once more.

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“RVRB might not mean much to you, but to me it is everything,” Mitchell has said. “RVRB is not a band, it is my rebirth. It is my pain, my heartbreak, my searching. I cannot be a full person without getting these songs out. I hope, eventually, they mean something to you too. I don’t know yet if i’ve found my final purpose, but these songs bring me one step closer to finding closure and beginning to heal.”

Following another incredible offering in recent days with “NEED YOU STILL,” RVRB’s newest single, “THINK IT OVER,” is an ultra-smooth R&B slow jam that should work its way into the hearts and minds of those who consider themselves fans of the Weeknd, Fyfe, Ghost Loft, and acts of their ilk. With hypnotic vocals sliding across a foundation of minimalistic beats and airy keyboard work, “THINK IT OVER” will undoubtedly be on repeat as you melt into your couch relaxing to its mesmeric vibes. Speaking to Substream about his newest work, Mitchell says, “’THINK IT OVER’ is an ode to anyone who needs a good fall/winter vibe—mulling over past love and fighting with the remnants of what remains.” Listen below and let us know what you think.

“THINK IT OVER” will be officially released this Friday, November 25. Follow the duo on their website, Facebook, and Twitter for updates on new music and where you can find it.