[Photo cred: Samantha Madnick]

Spinning a bit of a modern twist on grunge and garage rock of the 1990s, Radioblack are here with their newest music video to remind you of the fragility in the world, that nothing is indestructible, and that we tend to take far too much for granted. The visuals, which feature brief glimpses of footage shot following a tornado that tore through vocalist/guitarist TJ Courtney’s hometown, accompany “Nothing Is Permanent,” their recent single that was released earlier this month. You can purchase the track through iTunes and view its music video below.

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“’Nothing is Permanent’ is really an assessment of our world today and the shaky foundation of so many things we depend upon,” says Courtney. “From our technological dependence to the most recent election and campaigns, it’s clear we’re headed in a strange direction. Many institutions that seem permanent and indestructible are becoming extremely vulnerable.”

Drummer Derek Gledhill adds, “Even though this song seems to have a pessimistic outlook, we are still optimistic in a lot of ways. As a society we can still steer the ship in a better direction; we just have to pay attention and not become too passive. I’m guilty of it too sometimes. In a lot of ways this song was our own personal wake up call.”

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