You can now download Netflix content and watch it offline

How many times has this happened to you? After days or weeks of binging a program you have become addicted to you are forced into a situation where you will not have proper internet access and therefore cannot continue streaming your favorite content. With holiday travel right around the corner it’s going to happen to millions of people around the globe, but thankfully for all of us Netflix has found a solution.

Starting today, paid subscribers all over the world are able to download their favorite Netflix shows and movies so that they may be viewed while that user is offline. This means you can download the next five episodes of The West Wing you want and watch them while flying home for Christmas without having to pay or rely on airplane WiFi services (most don’t support streaming in the first place). It also means that you have more freedom than ever when it comes to choosing how, when, and where you consume digital content.

In a statement release to the press, Netflix commented:

“While many members enjoy watching Netflix at home, we’ve often heard they also want to continue their ‘Stranger Things’ binge while on airplanes and other places where internet is expensive or limited. Just click the download button on the details page for a film or TV series and you can watch it later without an internet connection.”

The offline streaming feature will be enabled in iOS and Android on phones and tablets and will be available for those who have updated the most recent version of the app. Netflix content is currently not available to download on your laptop.

This new service is rolling out slowly, so right now only certain programs are able to be saved, but we expect the complete Netflix catalog will eventually be made available for download.

A screenshot of the download update from the iTunes store