Your new favorite band is called Mom Jeans. Deal with it.

Mom Jeans

You know we are getting toward the end of the year when publications and blogs of all sizes begin tripping over one another to get their end of the year listicles published. There may very well be a full month left in 2016, but already several of the world’s leading authorities in music have released features highlighting the most notable records of the past several months. Heck, I even posted half of my list this week (the rest will appear in the upcoming December/January issue of Substream, which will be out soon).

While I understand the desire to be first I also struggle with the idea that anyone can really claim they know the absolute best records released in the last twelve months. There has been a glut of great music released this year across all genres, and even people working in music have had a hard time hearing everything of note. Just last week I stumbled upon a release from the middle of summer that almost no one seems to have heard that absolutely changed my life. The record was called Best Buds and it was released by a fast-rising California-based group known as Mom Jeans. Yes, Mom Jeans. with a period at the end. I don’t know why they write it like that and to be honest I don’t really care because the music is so damn good I would happily call them Why The Last of The Caribou Turned Blue On Winter Solstice 1932 if it meant they continued to create art for the rest of us to enjoy.

As many of you no doubt know already it can be very hard to convey why or how a band you have never previously known can rock your world based on a single encounter. I knew from the first time I heard anything from Mom Jeans. that the group possessed that intangible bit of magic that makes all worthwhile music good, but I wasn’t convinced they had what it takes to conquer the industry as a whole until I heard Best Buds in its entirety. Comparisons to bands like Modern Baseball and the Front Bottoms are sure to abound based on the confessional lyricism and acoustic guitar based punk aesthetics, but there is something else in play with this group that neither of those peers can offer. I’m not sure I can describe it yet, but I believe you will know it when you hear it.

This week, up-and-coming indie record label Counter Intuitive announced that they have signed Mom Jeans. and will be releasing Best Buds sometime in March 2017. That month feels pretty far away right now, but it will be here in no time at all and I expect the fandom surrounding Mom Jeans. will be quite substantial by the time the first pre-orders are in the mail. You can order the record here, but if for some reason my outspoken love was not enough to convince of this band’s impending fame then you can stream the album in full below. My personal favorite track is “Scott Pilgrim Vs. My GPA,” but I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with any song on this LP. Check it out:

Mom Jeans. are touring the country this winter, so there is a fairly good chance they will be within driving distance of your hometown soon. Dates for the tour can be found below:

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