Baltimore rock band Megosh are just a month out from releasing their debut full-length album, titled Apostasy, through Outerloop Records. Following the album’s lead single, “I Stole From The Dead,” which debuted last month, the band has teamed up with Substream to share a second taste of the album. Fans of inventive indie rock and progressive post hardcore (anything from the Dear Hunter to Tides Of Man) will likely find themselves adding Megosh to their list of favorite up-and-coming bands, especially after checking out their newest single, “Desperada,” via its unusually elaborate lyric video.

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“I’d guess that everyone has had that toxic relationship or had that one person whom we couldn’t get off our minds,” says vocalist/guitarist Josh Grosscup. “Well, don’t you hate it when you finally get over them and they just want to come back around to rain-stomp all over your happiness? This song is about dealing with an old lover that comes back around just when you are starting to be happy.”

Megosh’s upcoming album, Apostasy, is due out on December 16 through Outerloop Records and can be pre-ordered here with a variety of options.