Maggie Rogers puts her faith in the universe on “Dog Years”

Maggie Rogers Alaska Dog Years

Less than two weeks ago we shared indie-pop newcomer Maggie Rogers‘ debut music video for “Alaska,” and today we are thrilled to learn another new single has already found its way online. “Dog Years” was premiered on Wednesday via BBC Radio 1 and you can stream the song below:

Writing to fans on Twitter, Rogers explained that “Dog Years” was inspired by a day she decided to skip class and “stay in bed and make frozen pizza with a boy I loved.” She later added that the song is about a slew of other things, including trusting the universe, loving, leaving, trusting yourself, and never having enough time. You know, all the things that make life the bundle of wonderful chaos that it is both for better and worse.

Back to “Alaska,” the song made famous by a crying Pharrell recently surpassed 18 million plays on Spotify. The song’s current momentum makes it appear primed for success at Top 40 in the immediate future, but if for some reason that is not the case it’s easy to imagine “Dog Years” winning over the masses in its place.

Both “Dog Years” and Alaska” exist in a niche corner of the current pop market that Rogers is quickly claiming as hers and hers alone. Here’s hoping whatever comes next is just as good, if not better.