Maggie Rogers responds to the election with “# (Demo)”

Maggie Rogers Alaska Dog Years

Wednesday was a blur for many people. Most made it to work or school, but productivity was down across the board as people from all walks of life settled into our new collective reality. We all process change in our own ways, and Maggie Rogers has chosen to express herself through a new song recorded in her hotel room shortly after the final totals were revealed Tuesday night.

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Titled “# (Demo),” Rogers’ response to the news of a Trump presidency was posted with the message “Hotel room demo. Something I needed to say.” Listen below.

The bridge drills the message home, with Rogers expressing the fact that she, like many of us, are emotionally exhausted from this process. We have to do something more, but at the moment for many it’s hard to know what comes next. It’s a time of uncertainty, and Rogers has captured it very well.