Let DNCE help you shake off the week with “Good Day”


People used to say that it’s dangerous business walking out your front door, but in the age of the internet it’s dangerous business doing just about anything because we are always connected. With the way the world is right now, between the upcoming U.S. election and the numerous problems facing countries around the globe, keeping a cheery outlook on life is increasingly hard to do. We fight the same battle as you every day, but this morning we found a new cure for the day-to-day blues in the form of “Good Day” from DNCE.

The latest in a string of feel-good singles from the Jonas Brother-fronted pop rock outfit, “Good Day” is the kind of song we know will soon be used in commercials to promote every coming-of-age story involving angsty young people for the next several years. It’s catchier than the common cold, and it will soon spread like that infamous virus across our country as the group preps to release their debut album on November 18. Resistance is futile. Take a listen:

Don’t have Spotify? Here’s a video of DNCE performing their latest single at SXSW earlier this year:

Fun Fact: “Good Day” appeared in the recently released animated film Storks. If you saw that film this is probably obvious, but given its mediocre box office performance we doubt that applies to most of you.

There are times in life when a new group begins to make waves in pop and you realize there is no one that can stop their rise. We recently witnessed something similar to this with Twenty One Pilots, and it seems in 2017 that will happen to DNCE.

If you’re hoping to see the group live, you may have to wait. Aside from a string of festival appearances in the middle of December the band is laying low until the new year. We’ll bring you more on DNCE’s plans for the future as soon as additional information becomes available.