Escape your worries with Kate Nash and “My Little Alien”

Kate Nash

It has been nearly four years since Kate Nash released a new record, but over the weekend the songwriter who burst onto the international stage with “Foundations” nearly a decade ago shared her second new single in less than six months. “My Little Alien” is a simple, sway-in-the-wind kind of pop song that celebrates love in a way that feels built for drunken sing-alongs in the dead of night. It’s exactly the kind of material we need more of in the world right now, and it has the kind of hook needed to grab the attention of radio. Check it out:

“My Little Alien” has a distinctly different sound and feel than “Good Summer,” but there is a lightness to both tracks that radiates positivity. We find it impossible to believe any of you reading this now have heard either of these songs and been able to resist the urge to smile. If sunshine could be captured and turned into music, this is what it would sound like.

Unfortunately, Nash has been rather quiet in regards to her plans for the future. We want to believe there is a new record or EP on the horizon, but we’re more the willing to accept a new single every few months as well. As long as Kate Nash continues to make music, we’re happy.