Galapaghost definitely shows up on newest LP, ‘I Never Arrived’


Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter Casey Chandler, known under his musical handle Galapaghost, released one of this year’s best overlooked releases at the very top of 2016. Even though he’s now on record number three, Chandler and Galapaghost aren’t exactly household names, and that’s a shame, because I Never Arrived is fantastic.

Fitting, given the spectral moniker it’s tied to, the album is packed with hauntingly beautiful tones and melodies as Chandler’s mostly deep vocal presence floats over delicate acoustic guitar, occasional keyboard, and various other layers of intricate instrumentation—often eerie, always impressive.

Simply put, do not allow this album to creep by you unnoticed. It’s truly a rewarding experience with loads of replay value and little nuances that will have you discovering new details hidden in the mix with each new listen. Enjoy.