Enjoy memories of summer during Fickle Friends’ “Brooklyn” video

fickle friends

For most of the United States, the days of being outside in shorts and t-shirts have passed by in favor of winter coats and gloves. That’s not stopping Fickle Friends from evoking that time for their latest music video for new single “Brooklyn” (via Hunger).

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The video follows the band through quite the packed summer day, first lounging by a pool, then grabbing a bite to eat at a diner, before ending back at the pool for a performance. Throughout it all, our protagonist in the video dances by herself at each locale (she snacks on some Cheetos, too). The whole video gives a very new wave vibe that matches with the sound of the song’s super-smooth guitar work.

You can watch the video for “Brooklyn,” directed by Charlotte Rutherford, down below. If you need those cool dance tunes all the time, you can buy “Brooklyn” through iTunes.