PREMIERE: The Attack offer punk anthems for hard times with ‘On Condition’

The Attack

There is no avoiding the events of this week. Every so often there are happenings in life that make us take a step back from our personal struggles to think about the fact that we are all interconnected on this gigantic rock hurling through space at speeds we can read, but not fully comprehend. Existence is a crazy thing and if you think about it too much it’s possible to lose your own mind, but thankfully we have music to bring us back to reality, and right now I can think of few bands able to more perfectly cater to our collective mood than the Attack.

Our hope today is to help sooth the wounds of the week through the premiere of the Attack’s blistering new record, On Condition. The album is the culmination of nearly three years worth of work, and it perfectly captures the emotional ferocity of our culture at this very moment. There is an angst on the surface of every song that gets your blood pumping fast, and there are silver linings laced through the lyrics that speak to the promise of a better tomorrow through action. We’re not sure a single record can change the whole world, but we do believe On Condition could change your life. Listen now:

With Trump about to make the White House his home there may be no more perfect time to recommit your life to punk, and this record is the perfect place to start.

On Condition will officially be released this Friday, November 11. If you like what you hear please support the band buy purchasing the record and seeing them on tour.