Annie Schindel reflects on lost love with “I Don’t Say It Anymore”

Annie Schindel 2016

We have been telling you to keep your eyes out for the rise of Annie Schindel for months at this point, and every few weeks the 17-year-old California native gives us another reason to believe in her impending stardom. This time around that reason is a first of sorts, with Schindel exchanging her signature acoustic guitar accompaniment for a piano-driven ballad on love lost and the feelings that remain, entitled “I Don’t Say It Anymore.” Take a listen:

It’s hard to know what to say about Schindel that we haven’t written when discussing the other singles she has released in 2016. The growth from one release to the next has been nothing short of impressive, and “I Don’t Say It Anymore” shows perhaps the biggest leap in artistic expression to date. Being able to write a catchy, radio-friendly pop single is one thing, but applying those same developing skills to the world of ballads and finding similar success is another accomplishment altogether. One has to wonder what in the world of music Schindel cannot do, and at this point I’m not sure there is any real answer (though she’s probably not going to guest on a Migos single anytime soon).

I’ve been told Schindel is planning to release another single in the near future, as well as her first music video. Let’s hope a proper EP or LP follows not long after.