Fort Lauderdale’s Alex Di Leo—with a full band rounded out by Joshua Diaz (bass), Chase Maddox (lead guitar), Kevin Maddox (keys), and Jean Pierre (drums)—has a brand new EP (his debut in fact) to be released tomorrow, November 4. Produced by Diaz (Further Seems Forever, KIDS) and Alex Di Leo himself, So We Go is frankly a pretty jaw-dropping collection of tracks that once heard will have you baffled by the fact that this isn’t the only band you’re hearing about right now. Hopefully So We Go will change all that, though.

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Just as worthy of notice as bands like Of Monsters And Men, Lord Huron, and the Lumineers, Alex Di Leo’s brand of folksy, singer-songwriter indie rock is impressive to say the least. It feels natural and it feels massive, packed with heart and talent to spare. Get into it below and share it around. Support the good guys. This is one of the best releases of the year and it deserves your attention.

“Releasing my debut EP is definitely the highlight of the last three years,” says Di Leo. “I’m beyond excited to share the positive vibes and stories that relate to a period in my life. I think because I’ve done four other recording productions to get to this sound I was looking for, I’ve truly come to appreciate the journey and outcome even more. I’m constantly thinking of how short our lives are and how important it is to experience new things, take risks, and to not be afraid of what could go wrong, but what could go right, and that’s what helped evolve the concept of So We Go.”

You can pre-order So We Go through iTunes to increase your quality of life.