The Superweaks release crunchy, catchy “I’ll See Myself Out”

Jess Flynn

The Superweaks‘ new record, Better Heavens, releases on November 4 via Lame-O records. The band has just released a music video for second single, “I’ll See Myself Out,” which you can check out below via The Key.

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Better Heavens shows the Superweaks taking cues from the grungy drone of early Weezer and the punk leanings of bands like the Menzingers while crafting fantastic vocal melodies that will not get out of your head. It’s a special record, and a fitting tribute to bassist Corey Bernard, who passed away earlier this year.

You can (and absolutely should) pre-order Better Heavens here. In case you missed the fantastic first single, make sure to check out the title track below as well.