Skott is still the new queen of pop with latest single, “Lack Of Emotion”


After a summer of fantastic releases, we’re glad that Scandinavian pop queen Skott hasn’t abandoned us as autumn surrounds us. Yesterday the singer debuted “Lack Of Emotion” through BBC Radio 1, and today released the track to the rest of us. Like with her past releases, you can count us as enamored.

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For a song called “Lack Of Emotion,” it certainly compels you to get up and move. The first thing the listener hears is a funk-inspired riff that gives the song its backbone. This track rivals “Wolf” for Skott’s most upbeat track yet, and allows Skott to showcase a playful side of her vocals that we are definitely here for. You’re sure to be whistling along to the song for the rest of the day. And as with her other releases, the single art is fantastic.

Listen to “Lack Of Emotion” through Spotify below. You can find a variety of other ways to buy or stream the new single right here.