Earlier this year, we premiered a music video for New Jersey band Save Face as they announced a brand new EP, titled Folly, which has since released through Take This To Heart Records (it’s great; buy it). We’ve joined forces with the band again today and have the honor of sharing another video, this time for the ultra-catchy single, “Overdue.”

Filmed earlier this year while on tour with A Will Away, the Aviv Marotz-directed video is a blast…of orange goodness. Featuring the members of A Will Away attempting to smuggle oranges across the border, Save Face—as the border patrol, naturally—do their job to arrest and interrogate the smugglers amidst pure orange madness. Check out the visuals below followed by an explanation about the video from Save Face singer/guitarist Tyler Povanda.

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“We were on tour at the Detroit/Ontario border at 1 a.m. in June. We were two cars back from the booth when all the booths suddenly closed and all the officers came out with guns drawn; they immediately swarmed this Chrysler behind us. They ripped this guy out of his car and threw him in the back of a patrol car. We then pull up to the booth and are asked if we have any weapons, drugs, or anything to claim for tax purposes—specifically asking us ‘Even an orange?’ as an example. We assured him we had nothing and pulled through. Chris misheard what the officer said, and about 90 seconds later he confusedly asked, “Wait…they arrested that guy for smuggling oranges?” We all found this hilarious, and something about Chris saying that sparked an idea for this video.

We came up with this idea of a band on tour trying to smuggle oranges into the country, but where we were the border patrol and our friends in A Will Away were the band crossing the border. After buying 200 oranges and five gallons of orange juice, we took the opportunity to make some (not so) subtle commentary on various issues going on in the States; we’ll let you dig into that yourselves.”

Much like their friends in the video, Save Face is one of the most impressive young bands currently creating catchy-ass rock music, and if you’re new to their tunes strap in and enjoy the ride. With its driving melodies and almost danceable pop vibes contrasting against occasionally aggressive guitars and vocals, “Overdue” alone should be plenty evident of where this band is headed: Upwards.

After a string of dates on their own, the band will hit the road next month with Massachusetts trio Born Without Bones. All dates can be seen below.

save face tour

10/28 Richmond, VA @ Josie House*
10/29 Nashville, TN @ That 70’s House*
10/30 Boaz, AL @ Maggie’s*
10/31 Atlanta, GA @ WonderRoot*
11/1 Greensboro, NC @ Tuba House*
11/3 Winchester, VA @ Hopscotch Coffee*
11/4 Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds
11/5 Hartford, CT @ Sam’s House
11/6 Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City
11/8 Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar
11/9 Erie, PA @ Basement Transmissions
11/10 Windsor, ON @ Windsor Beer Exchange
11/11 Detroit, MI @ Sparklehouse
11/12 Cleveland, OH @ Snowed In Fest^
11/13 Chicago, IL @ Evolution Music Fest
11/15 Cincinnati, OH Western House
11/16 Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto
11/17 Philadelphia, PA @ Leninundergrad
11/18 Allston, MA @ O’Briens Pub
11/19 New Brunswick, NJ @ Aisle 3

*just Save Face