Sainte (Ex-We Are The In Crowd) is about to become your new addiction

Sainte Tay Jardine

We are nearly halfway through the month of October, which means there are less than three full months left in 2016. There are still a slew of albums we are looking forward to hearing before Christmas, but to be honest our thoughts are already gravitating towards the records and artists who will dominate headlines in 2017. We expect many longtime favorites to release records in the new year, including Brand New, but there are a number of up-and-coming talents we believe could change the industry for the better in no time at all. Among them, Sainte is the one name we feel you absolutely need to know if you have any interest in where pop music is going in the months ahead.

Sainte is the new stage moniker for Tay Jardine, former vocalist for We Are The In Crowd. Tay has shed the borderline pop-punk sound of her old band for a new, future-focused take on pop rock that plays like a fresh twist on Tragic Kingdom-era No Doubt without making Jardine come across as another Gwen Stefani wannabe. Part of the reason for this is the music, which is brought to life by Tay’s WATIC bandmates Mike Ferri and Cameron Hurley, and the other is Jardine’s signature croon that ranks among the best the alternative scene has produced in the last decade.

This morning, Sainte’s video for her first single “Technicolor” premiered on YouTube. The Raul Gonzo-directed clip finds Jardine donning a classic American housewife look in a world filled with bright colors and imagination. It’s a fittingly fun clip that helps establish the brand and vibe of Sainte in no time at all. Check it out:

We are going to be talking a lot about the bands and artists we believe will rise to the top of the music echelon next year in the weeks and months to come, but it’s hard to imagine another new artist impressing us to the degree Sainte has managed to pull off with just a single release. We expect big things for Jardine, and we hope she soon finds the label support needed to make her a household name. Stay tuned.