Saint Motel played a sold-out album release show for their new album, saintmotelevision, at New York City’s Webster Hall this past Friday Night. Stage techs adorned in Cold War-era doctor robes graced the stage to put the finishing touches on the instruments before the lights dimmed and a classic ’60s television set that looked straight out of Mad Men lit up and began speaking to the crowd. A deep narrator voice prepared the audience for Saint Motel to take them to the moon and experience the best dance party of their lives thus far.

Saint Motel

Opening their set with their killer ear worm “Local Long Distance Relationship (LA2NY),” it was only 30 seconds in and the floorboards were already bouncing under the weight of the crowd. The band was beaming with smiles from ear to ear as the excited and receptive New York City audience screamed the lyrics to “Feed Me Now.” Saint Motel never let the vibe die down, always letting things simmer only to pull it all right back up. Lead singer A/J Jackson hopped on top of his 2-in-1 television/piano stand before singing the opening lines of “You Can Be You,” a happy-go-lucky tune about true individuality.

Saint Motel played a killer 11-song setlist before a brief departure to prepare for their wild encore which included their hit single “My Type.” Dancing across the stage with trumpets galore behind them, the band concluded the album release show of a lifetime and surely proved that saintmotelevision is to be one of the top albums of 2016.