Russian pop band Pompeya are keeping the ’80s alive and well with the video for “Tell Me, Tell Me,” a single taken from their most recent album, Real. Channeling the best in the likes of Depeche Mode and Hall And Oates, it’s smooth sailing with Pompeya’s newest to receive the visual treatment. A funky bass line and steady keyboard back super-catchy, somewhat sultry vocals and there’s even a sax solo that will have you making a face like you’re in excruciating pain when you’re really just completely feeling it.

The video itself consists of onstage performance clips and some backstage moments from a show in Kiev with VHS tracking effects edited in for good measure. Check it out below.

We asked vocalist/guitarist Daniil Brod a few questions about Pompeya’s newest video:

What was it like to play Kiev and how does it differ from shows in your Russian homeland?
Oh, it was an incredible experience! Last time we were in Kyiv was three years ago—amazing show in an old amphitheater with Who Made Who. Was a lot of fun. We didn’t expect it, though after three years, we got the same huge crowd again on a solo gig!

Why did you choose Kiev as the city to shoot the video in?
By coincidence. There was a local video crew who wanted to film us backstage and a little bit of the show. When I saw what they did for us I thought it could be released as our new video. Maybe not an “official” video but some kind of “backstage” video. It’s nice and reminds me of video tapes with live bands from the ’90s.

How does “Tell Me, Tell Me” fit into the overall repertoire of tracks on your latest album, Real?
This is one of two songs that wasn’t recorded in studio. The instrumental was taken from the demo version and just mixed in studio. Another track being made this way was “Real.” I think they both fit pretty well with the whole album. At some point I feel they sound maybe even better than other tracks.

What’s next for Pompeya?
We’re taking part in House Of Creatives Festival in Miami November 18-19 along with the Drums, Crystal Castles, Empress Of, and many others. By the end of the year, we’ll release a video for “Real” which will be the ending of the “REAL LP” campaign. After that we’ll concentrate on new EP produced by Fred Falke. Many more plans in 2017!

‘Real’ can be picked up on CD or vinyl through Mishu Records.