Dream-pop trio LANY stopped in Pittsburgh, PA this past weekend for a beautifully intimate performance. From the stunning stage lighting to the curiously well-placed video of Whitney Houston performing the National Anthem at the start of the show, the entire performance was flawlessly curated while still being completely mellow.

The three-piece group from Los Angeles kept the show soothing from start to finish with a setlist comprised of crowd-favorites and candid conversations with audience members in between songs. They danced around in front of LED screens playing everything from soft ocean waves to gifs of Angelina Jolie, and if they weren’t endearing enough, lead vocalist Paul Klein raved about the thrift shop they had been to earlier in the day and called out the name of the owner, whom he had put on the guest list for that evening.

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The kinda tour also features special guest Transviolet, a female-led electro-pop band who fit like a puzzle piece in this tour lineup. This whimsical group not only kicked off the evening in the best way possible, they filled the venue with a fantastic energy that kept the crowd on their toes all night long.

The kinda tour perfectly fills that peculiar gap between summer and winter, when you’re coming down from the high of festival season, but not quite ready to hibernate in the solemnness of the cold. If you have the chance, be sure to catch one of the remaining dates of this tour, and check out both LANY and Transviolet for some new dreamy tunes.