If people are willing to travel through the mess that is Wrigleyville (the neighborhood in Chicago surrounding Wrigley Field) during one of the Cubs’ playoff games to go see a band, it is clearly a big deal. That’s exactly what it was to the sold-out crowd waiting to see Joyce Manor, supported by the Hotelier and Crying, at the Metro in Chicago on October 15.

Crying opened up the night, eliciting quite a few cheers and comments on their newest record. The Hotelier began their set right after, drawing in a much larger crowd this time around than they did a year and a half ago on their tour with Title Fight at the same venue. They played a few songs off of 2014’s Home, Like Noplace Is There but the majority of their set relied on songs from their newest release, Goodness.

Joyce Manor took the stage around 9pm to close out the night with a 22-song set. Immediately going into “Catalina Fight Song” off Never Hungover Again, the crowd went wild. They played another older song before starting “Fake I.D” off of Cody, released on October 7 via Epitaph Records. They played a few more songs off Cody and Never Hungover Again, as well as their self-titled. They closed out their set with an encore consisting of “Christmas Card” and fan-favorite, “Constant Headache.”