Our Girl prep for EP release with “No Big Deal” video

our girl
Charlotte Patmore

A big part of summer is time spent in the water. We all love goofing off on a hot day, doing cannonballs and generally enjoying whatever body of water we can get access to. But I bet most of us have probably not filmed a music video underwater. Brighton trio Our Girl—comprised of Soph Nathan, Josh Tyler, and Lauren Wilson—have done just that. The band just released a music video (via Clash) for their single “No Big Deal” off their upcoming EP Normally, and it’s super cool.

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The video, created by Jodie Canwell, finds the trio completely underwater for the duration of the song. Not only are we impressed with the technical effort taken to film below the surface, it looks phenomenal as well. The bubbles created by the movements of the band and coming from their mouths as they mouth the lyrics make for a very cool visual flair against the blue of the water. The song itself is great, guitar-driven rock that will definitely make you nod your head along.

You can watch the video for “No Big Deal” below. Our Girl’s EP Normally is out on November 18 through Cannibal Hymns. You can pre-order a bundle of the EP on vinyl and digital download here.