MØ brings in some creative muscle on new single “Drum”


Last we heard from Danish pop star , she was floating above the land in the video for super catchy single “Final Song.” Thankfully, it was not actually her final song. Today the singer released her next single, which is entitled “Drum” and has some serious star power on the creative side.

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The track was co-written by Charli XCX, and you can definitely tell. “Drum” is a bouncy, mellow pop track with an expertly crafted hook. “To the beat of your drum, to the beat of your heart,” MØ repeats on the hook. As the name implies, the song is heavily fueled by percussion, whether it be drums or handclaps. The track is tightly produced by BloodPop, who has also worked with Grimes and Madonna. MØ explained in a press release, “’Drum’ is about setting each other free. Whether it’s an old friend, a lover, a lifetime partner or even yourself, it’s about letting go in order to pursue your dreams, for better or worse.”

MØ’s second album is reportedly due out in early 2017. Until then, give her new single “Drum” a listen.