Nashville indie rock band the Middle Ground will self-release their second album, titled Start Again, on December 2. Today, the band has teamed with Substream to share a video for the album’s ear worm of a lead single, “Never Needed Me.”

The visuals are simple in nature, with a very pleasing aesthetic as the band performs the catchy, danceable track while being doused in colorful lights and occasionally interacting with similarly colored sands of some sort. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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“This is one of the first tracks we finished for the new album,” says lead vocalist Joe Neary. “At the surface, it’s an energetic, catchy tune, but for those who choose to dive deeper, there is a message we are proud of in the lyrics themselves.” Touching on the accompanying visuals, Neary continues, “With the video we wanted to try and capture the energy we feel when playing the song live. It’s a song we’ve closed our shows with, so adding all the colors and making it more of a performance was what we felt would show how much this song means to us. This is the first piece of much more to come and we hope you enjoy it!”

The single, “Never Needed Me,” will be officially available on November 11.

Upcoming shows:
December 16 in Milwaukee at The Upper Level G-Daddy’s BBC
January 7 in Nashville at Mercy Lounge