Marian Hill make it simple and fun for “I Want You” video

marian hill

There’s something about a good choreography routine in a video that we can’t resist. Today, Philadelphia-based pair Marian Hill gave us exactly what we needed. The duo, consisting of Samantha Gongol on vocal duty and Jeremy Lloyd on production, shared the video for “I Want You” (via SPIN).

The video takes place in a dimly lit black box theater, and finds the duo with a group of dancers performing a very impressive routine. “I Want You” is a jazzy, horn-led track, and the choreography works perfectly with the song. The video was directed and choreographed by Ian Eastwood, who has previously worked with Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino.

“I Want You” is from the band’s debut album ACT ONE, which dropped this summer. You can watch the video below, and grab the album right here.