October is typically a month where the music industry shovels out whatever remaining ‘big albums’ they have for the year before slowly winding down in anticipation of the new year, and so far 2016 has been no different. Whether you anticipated the return of Green Day at the top of the month, or if you are currently waiting for the Friday release of Lady Gaga’s latest, October fever is affecting everyone. This is all well and good, but what if I told you the most exciting major release of the month might actually be from a national newcomer by the name of Maggie Rogers?

For those of you not keeping close tabs on Spotify’s rising artist playlists and viral videos featuring Pharrell, Maggie Rogers is the latest viral sensation turned major label signee. What separates Rogers from the majority of those who have rapidly risen through the music ranks in the digital age is her soulful and awe-inspiring songwriting that, at least on her debut single “Alaska,” manages to be both catchy and haunting in equal measure. There is something fun and deeply moving about the music Rogers creates, and the recently released video for “Alaska” is no different. Check it out:

Rogers hails from humble roots, and if she can stick with her authenticity in the major label world she seems destined to go far.

I’ve been spinning this song at my desk for weeks now, and I often get lost in the hypnotic rhythm as it builds to its jubilant conclusion. The only complaint I’ve ever found is that it leaves you wanting more, but in the way “Royals” made you immediately need everything Lorde ever released. “Alaska” was written in just fifteen minutes, so I cannot begin to imagine what will come next, but I do know I am very excited to hear whatever Rogers has in store.