Louise Burns releases surreal new video for “Storms,” announces new LP

louise burns

It’s October, as you might be aware of due to our ongoing 31 Days Of Halloween. Movies aren’t the only things that can be spooky and weird, though. Music videos can share those traits, and that’s exactly how we’d describe Louise Burns‘ music video for her new song, “Storms” (via Stereogum).

There are two versions of Burns in the video; the first has had half of her face melted, and is holding a creepy dollhouse. The second version is actually inside the dollhouse, where things are pretty bizarre. The chairs will try to eat you, there are sharks swimming through the air in the bedroom, and there are veins behind the wallpaper. The whole thing is shot in black and white, giving it an even creepier feel.

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Watch the video for “Storms” below. As Burns told Stereogum and posted on Facebook, the track is off her next album, called Young Mopes, and coming to us on February 3, 2017. With all this news, it’s certainly an exciting time to be following the Canadian musician.