Little Elephant to release sessions on vinyl

Vinyl fanatics, rejoice! Limited edition, handmade vinyl is coming your way from new dudes on the record distribution block: Little Elephant.

In 2011, Rob Courtney and Brian Gross-Bias started recording audio sessions in their Toledo, Ohio living room. Thus the age-old question came into play: “What if we put this on YouTube?” A couple years later Mark Metzger joined and Little Elephant began swimming in live session recording, vlogging, and are now cutting these sessions onto vinyl by hand. Each groove is driven into these collector pieces with special screen printed jackets stamped by Toledo local, Screenin’ Fever.

From Jeff Rosenstock, Modern Baseball, Such Gold, Pinegrove, Jank, Foxing, and more, Little Elephant is launching their store on October 12. Head honcho Courtney explains the process for getting the highest quality sound while keeping the handmade tag feasible:

“Every single person that is going to be buying [a record] will be buying something that took a significant amount of time to make,” Courtney says. “If you were getting your records pressed, you’d be getting a master engineer to be doing what we’re doing, once. If it were pressing, there would be a mold of it and they would press that record. We’re doing the first step over and over again.”

In the meantime, until their official launch, you can listen to all their sessions on YouTube. Keep your eyes peeled for more news from Little Elephant who will be dropping 10 to 15 new releases every week in their store for the rest of the year.