The Japanese House shares lovely video for “Face Like Thunder”

japanese house

At the end of September we covered “Face Like Thunder,” a great single by the Japanese House, the musical moniker of Amber Bain. We dug the track, and we dig the new video that Bain shared for it earlier today.

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If you’re a summer person, you might have this footage on a loop now that we’re into the fall. The entire video, featuring Bain and a boy as the main characters, takes place entirely near the beach in what appears to be a quaint little seaside town. They drive around in an old pickup truck, explore some abandoned buildings, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery that’s so beautifully captured by video director Gareth Phillips.

“Face Like Thunder” is off the Japanese House’s upcoming EP, Swim Against The Tide, which is out on November 11 and can be pre-ordered in a variety of formats here. Until then, watch the video for “Face Like Thunder” below.