Iron Fist uses his namesake in NYCC trailer

iron fist

Itching for more Marvel and Netflix goodness now that you’ve finished Luke Cage? The two companies have heard you, and released a teaser for Iron Fist this weekend as part of New York Comic Con.

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The narration appears to be directed towards main character Danny Rand, instructing him on how to properly wield the powers he has, namely the fact his fists are glowing yellow. The lights aren’t just for show, however; there are quite a few demonstrations of what Rand (played by Finn Jones from Game Of Thrones) can do with those fists. There are also some scenes of Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) getting in on the action. As is typical with these first Netflix teasers, there’s not a lot of plot information to be had. That being said, the presence of Daredevil‘s Madame Gao is not a good sign for our heroes.

Iron Fist—as expounded upon in the trailer—is our last hero introduction before Marvel’s Defenders. Iron Fist lands on Netflix on March 17, and you can watch the teaser now.