Glass Animals channel classic video games in “Season 2 Episode 3” video


Glass AnimalsHow To Be A Human Being is a fantastic concept album, with a multitude of different sounds and stories explored within. One of our favorite tracks from the album is “Season 2 Episode 3,” a groovy electronic offering that we’ve mentioned before sounds like a video game. Well, apparently the group had the same idea, as the video for the track features a retro Glass Animals video game.

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The video begins in an apartment that looks a lot like some of ours. It’s not particularly tidy, and there’s a plethora of junk food around. Our main character has a snack before finding her television remote and discovering the game come on her TV. From there the video transitions to a side-scrolling game straight out of the ’80s, with numerous references to other tracks and videos from the album. The visuals were directed by Whoopi, and the band’s creative team shared that at the end of October the band will be launching an app that will let you actually play part of the game featured in the video.

Watch the video for “Season 2 Episode 3” below. How To Be A Human Being is out now and available for purchase on iTunes.