[Photo cred: Jonny Kingsbury]

Nashville quartet the Gills churn out loud, unadulterated, guitar-driven rock and roll. With little hints of inspiration from ’90s grunge and Britpop shining through, the band’s new EP—their second—aptly titled EP 2, is mostly noisy, at times anthemic, and manages to end on a very sweet note with a more mellow jam about the woes of difficult love. Featuring Manchester Orchestra bassist Andy Prince, you might get a sense of where some of this volume comes from, but all in all, this is clearly a group of guys who just love the genre and are happy to be a part of it.

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When asked to comment on his band’s newest release, vocalist/guitarist Jesse Wheeler explained: “We were on the verge of breaking up as a band, and then decided that we just liked making music together so why not just do that when we can? So we wrote some angry, thrashy songs and some poppy ones came out, too. It’s a very real group of songs just like we’re a very real band. We’re not here to provide anything that’s fake or made solely for the purpose of making money. We do it because we actually like to, not because someone told us to.”

Listen to EP 2 in its five-track entirety below and let us know what you think. You can purchase a digital copy of the album through iTunes.