Four hinted-at sequels that may or may not have gone M.I.A.

We live in a time of non-stop sequels and reboots, so much so that it might seem as though everything in theaters is, to some extent, a rehashing. But even in this environment there are a number of well-known and well-liked films for which we’ve been promised sequels that never seemed to materialize. Here’s a look at three movies in particular that fans have been waiting on.


I Am Legend 2


Yes, I Am Legend 2 sounds like a bizarre idea given that [spoiler alert] Will Smith’s character died in the end of the first film. And we learned earlier this summer what can happen if Will Smith isn’t attached to his own film’s sequel. A piece by ReelFilms declared Independence Day: Resurgence to be “an absolute disaster of a sequel.” So, no, I Am Legend 2 was probably never a viable idea, and would have wound up looking like any other zombie movie. However, the plan was to do this project as more of a prequel, looking at what brought about the zombie apocalypse we already saw Smith try to struggle through.

Top Gun 2


Maverick (Tom Cruise) himself sort of hinted at a sequel at the end of the 1986 original, when he said he was thinking about becoming an instructor. That story never materialized, but it was actually in the last few years that talk of a Top Gun follow-up really heated up. Cruise was reportedly involved, plot possibilities were swirling around the internet, and a brand new Top Gun game popped up at Betfair’s games collection online. The game was a digital slot reel based on the original film (with some of the memorable soundtrack included), but given that similar slot and jackpot games often promote new films it’s not a reach to say this one might have come out in anticipation of a sequel. We still might get such a movie, but the news has slowed down a bit. Jerry Bruckheimer is involved and Cruise is apparently locked in, but the development and pre-production process still seems to be moving at a disconcertingly slow pace.

Dredd 2

Judge Dredd Still Image

This is another project that ought to be riding an enthusiastic wave of cult popularity right to a major studio. Dredd was not much of a success from a purely financial standpoint (which, granted, is what studios care about). In fact, estimations at Box Office Mojo indicate that it may have lost the studios about $15 million (though other estimates are kinder). Regardless, it became a very popular movie with a lot of comic book fans, and there have been constant calls—some from lead actor Karl Urban—for a follow-up. Rumor has it that Urban may be trying to get the project made through a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon, but Dredd 2 has the feeling of a film concept that may just fizzle out over time.

Super Troopers 2

Super Troopers
The fact that Super Troopers 2 hasn’t been released already is about the strongest example out there of how brutal the film industry can be. In 2001, Super Troopers emerged as a surprise hit—a crude indie comedy by a troupe of actors no one knew very much about that wound up gaining cult popularity. That troupe, known as Broken Lizard, has gone on to produce a few other moderately successful films (most notably Beerfest), but the Super Troopers sequel that fans want just hasn’t materialized. Or has it? It appeared early on that funding was an issue as Broken Lizard had the project up on Indiegogo in an attempt to crowd fund the entire film. However, our resources have now told us that the sequel has been filmed, edited, and ready to release for 2017!