Anyone who tells you that there are no more albums to look forward to in 2016 is either a liar or an idiot because Oklahoma rock band Fossil Youth may very well have an album of the year contender with A Glimpse Of Self Joy. The upcoming November release, which is available for pre-order from Take This To Heart Records, features a collection of emotionally-driven anthems for the disenfranchised youth in all of that has quickly become an addiction of the Substream staff. Following our premiere of the album’s lead single, today we’re premiering the video for our favorite song off the album.

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Every now and then there comes a song that makes fans of a certain genre stop and realize a new star has just been born. Not every artist has one of these moments, but Fossil Youth do with “Late Night Swim,” a strikingly memorable jam that tackles anxiety and depression with a melody you’ll be humming in no time at all. Hear the song for yourself and experience its official video below:

Speaking to the creation of “Late Night Swim,” vocalist/guitarist Scottie Noonan told us:

“‘Late Night Swim’ is where anxiety meets your worst fears. Although things may be going exactly the way you wish for them to, you find yourself questioning everything along the way, looking for anything that could be wrong in the bliss, and inadvertently ruining what you worked so hard for. In this certainty that something should be wrong, arrogance and selfishness create a seemingly invincible depression that can lead to the darkest routes you’ve ever been.”

If you didn’t already know that tingling sensation you feel right now is called love, and it’s perfectly natural to feel this way after interacting with Fossil Youth’s music. There is something undeniably authentic about the way the group crafts their material. Their songs are pulled together through metaphor and personal struggles, leveraging universal feelings of emptiness and fear to fuel tracks that seek hope and the strength needed to make it through another day. The band seems to recognize the war we each quietly fight in our daily lives and work to provide a soundtrack that can aide us in our individual battles.

A Glimpse Of Self Joy arrives November 12, but we highly encourage you to order a copy today. Fossil Youth have all the makings of a band that could influence a positive change in the alternative world, but they need your support to make that a reality. In turn, they will support you in times of need through their music. It’s the perfect relationship.