The first teaser for ‘Power Rangers’ is finally here

power rangers

It seems that the Power Rangers movie has been bouncing around for forever. Lionsgate has been building hype with pictures of characters and power suits for quite some time now. Today, we finally get a two-minute teaser of the film in action.

The trailer we get features a lot of brooding. The Rangers (played by Dacre Montgomery, Becky G., Ludi Lin, RJ Cyler, and Naomi Scott) are all social outcasts of some sort or another attending what appears to be Saturday school/detention in the town of Angel Grove. When they go to an abandoned rock quarry (as you do), they discover color-coordinated crystals that give them super powers. Of course, they have to learn to cope with these powers and band together to save the world from Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), who makes a brief cameo to threaten the Rangers. David Denman is here as well as the Red Ranger’s dad, which is notable because he will always be Roy from The Office to us. Considering how campy the original series was, it’s a little baffling how dark the tone of the movie appears to be, and the trailer suffers visually from a Batman V. Superman-like washed-out color palette. We still have yet to fully see the suits in action, as they appear only briefly materializing at the end of the trailer. In addition, there’s no sign of Bryan Cranston as Zordon.

You can draw your own conclusions by watching the Power Rangers trailer below. The film is set for release on March 24, 2017.