[Photo cred: Erin Shaw]

Boston trio the Dazies could easily be mistaken for a mid-70s English punk act in the vein of greats like Buzzcocks and the Undertones; they even have the classic-feeling band name to sell it. I’d believe it, and I’d wager that after listening to their excellent new EP, Hungover And Weird, you’ll feel certain that you would believe it as well (if we didn’t know any better, of course).

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Hungover And Weird is loud in all the right ways. It feels youthful and spirited and inherently excited about simply existing because of it. It’s noisy and raw but filled with melody and subtle pop elements that keep it from being inaccessible. It feels like what I’d imagine a sweaty basement show with all your best friends would feel like in the golden age of punk music. Regardless of what era you consider that to be, the sentiment is universal and timeless. Just listen to the damn album below and get amped on some good rock ‘n’ roll.

Speaking to Substream about the elements of life that led to the creation of his band’s newest release, frontman M. Holland offered the following:

“It dawned on me like a year later that these songs were derived from the falling apart of my band, my girlfriend, and my job—all of which in the same month collapsed. These are anxiety songs, with the exception of ‘Do The Snake’ which is an ode to my favorite Boston band, Creaturos.

Life! I hope folks find something in themselves in them.”

Hungover And Weird will be released this Friday, October 14. Buy it somewhere or be square.