Los Angeles rocker David Stücken—creating under the banner of David And The Curse—is gearing up to release his debut album in early 2017, and today we’re sharing the lead single—the album’s opening track—from the effort, titled “She Loves The Night.” With a foundation of steadily pulsing rhythms and erratic, distorted guitars, “She Loves The Night” is led by Stücken’s effortlessly cool vocals in what all combines to create an Americana meets blues rock kind of concoction with a lot of promise. Listen in below and let us know what you think.

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“‘She Loves The Night’ is a song written about a person who masks her pain with decadence,” says Stücken. “Everyone has met a ‘party monster’ at one time or another in their lives who tries to dance away the skeletons in their closet. The lyric ‘She loves no man, she loves the night’ is about a woman who is as dangerous as a loaded pistol.”

Keep an eye out for more music from David And The Curse as they near the release of their debut album, An Epitaph For Love, in 2017.