Daughter release atmospheric bonus track “The End”


Daughter‘s Not To Disappear is one of our favorite albums of the year. Released back in January, the 10-track album is still being played around these parts. When it first came out, Japanese audiences got an extra taste of Not To Disappear with bonus track “The End.” Now, Daughter has released the track worldwide, and it’s a great reminder of how good this band is.

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Taken on its own, “The End” is a phenomenal, atmospheric track, with Elena Tonra’s vocals providing a harrowing account of what sonically sounds like the end of all things. “Take a run home, I don’t like where you’re going. Run home, I don’t like the words you’re saying,” she repeats as the song fades into oblivion. Not that “Made Of Stone” was a bad album closer, but pairing “The End” with the rest of Not To Disappear really puts a great cap onto the end of the album that we love.

Listen to “The End” below. We cannot recommend Not To Disappear highly enough, so go look at all of the streaming and purchasing options for the album here.