Indianapolis duo Sparrow Sleeps—comprised of members Casey Cole and Peter Lockhart—have been crafting brilliant lullaby versions of all your favorite punk and emo albums for some time now. My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Brand New, Paramore, NOFX—you name the band, they’ve probably got the Sleeps treatment. The team’s newest endeavor, however, is arguably even more ambitious, as rather than just covering these artists’ work to put your kids to sleep, they’ve teamed up with several of the scene’s best to create songs at the other end of the spectrum, one that will likely have your children bouncing off the walls (again…(whoa-oa!)).

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Now, this isn’t Kidz Bop; these are original songs about topics that kids can relate to, only they’re fronted by artists like Ryan Key of Yellowcard and Ace Enders from the Early November. There are 12 tracks featuring over a dozen different artists all collected into one album called Sparrow And Friends Start A Band. Today, we have the honor of sharing a single titled “I Want To Play,” which is the second track on the album and also the second to feature Cartel frontman Will Pugh. “I Want To Play” is honestly a banger of a pop-punk jam. Despite its sugary, kid-friendly lyrics, parents might find themselves banging their heads and jumping up and down as well. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s a fantastic way to connect with your kiddos through an art form you both can enjoy.

“After my daughter was born in February I truly felt that working on Sparrow Sleeps would be such a cool thing to show her,” says Will Pugh. “I’m stoked that other parents have a chance to let their kids listen to these songs with some of their favorite artists on it!”

“Will was the first artist that we received vocals from, so it was the first time we were able to hear a song fully come together,” Cole recalls. “I remember it was a Sunday, and Peter had come down for the weekend to write and demo some more songs, and right as he was leaving that afternoon to head back to Indy, the email from Will came in. I remember dropping in the vocals real quick and playing it back. Peter and I were grinning our asses off listening to it for the first time. There were so many Will nuances throughout the song (like when he says “magic trick”), and you could just tell that he really cared about the song. He couldn’t have done a better job.”

Sparrow And Friends Start A Band will be released on October 21 and can be pre-ordered here in a variety of formats and bundles. Sparrow Sleeps is a truly special project that you should check out and support, whether you’re a parent or not. And, kids, if you’re reading this, get off the internet (it’s a terrifying place) and go tell mom and dad to buy this album.

Start A Band track list:

  1. We’re The Sparrow Sleeps Band (ft. Will Pugh of Cartel)
  2. I Want To Play! (ft. Will Pugh of Cartel)
  3. Shoe Tying Machine (ft. Nick Diener of The Swellers)
  4. Let’s Sing About Letters! (ft. Ace Ender of The Early November)
  5. Sharing is Cool (ft. Dan Lambton of Real Friends and Joe Taylor of Knuckle Puck)
  6. Holding Hands (ft. Zech Pluister of Sleep On It)
  7. Make Some Noise (ft. Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids)
  8. Air Guitar (ft. Ryan Key of Yellowcard)
  9. The Sugar Song (ft. Kailynn West of Tiny Stills and Tony Thaxton of Motion City Soundtrack)
  10. 10 (ft. Mike Herrera of MXPX)
  11. Two Minutes (ft. Nick Thompson of Hit The Lights)
  12. While The Sparrows Nest (ft. Aaron Marsh of Copeland)